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zoë rodriguez, photographer & designer  

My background: I'm from Los Gatos, a little town in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was raised by two hippy-artists. My mom taught me about space and design and my dad taught me how to look at what's going on around me and find the picture because "it's always there". I've got five beautiful children (who are big now) and a great dog named Epiphany (Piffer).               I live in a little apartment in downtown Salt Lake. I absolutely love to be surrounded by the energy of life. 

My photo philosophy: Be you... be you and forget about me and the silly black thing I'm holding. We're all so darn beautiful when we forget to show people what we think they want to see. Know what I mean?

Our next step: Let's talk about making some photographs together. Seriously... photos create time travel. When we pull out our old photos, some of the memories that might've escaped us come rushing back. They remind us of the people we love (and loved), the places we've been and moments in life we we never want to forget.